How do you begin the Watch Party in Prime Video on iPads and iPhones

by India Today Web Desk: Amazon Prime Video allows users to organize Watch Parties Watch Party using their android phone, iPhone, or web browsers. Users can invite up to 100 guests.

Watch Party is open to any person who has an invitation link. The participant must be a resident of your country and be able to access Prime Video titles included with their Amazon Prime memberships. Find the step-by-step guide on how to start the Watch Party in Prime Video on iPads and iPhones.


How to Start A WATCH PARTY ON HD on iPhone and iPad:


Step 1: Open the Prime Video app on your iPhone or iPad.


Step 2: Now, open the video you would like to see.


Step 3: Tap on the additional option beneath the video, and choose Watch Party.


Step 4: Type in the user name you wish to use beneath the Chat username.


The 5th step is to tap Create to start your Watch Party.


Step 6: Lastly Send invitations or share the link with friends.


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