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Adish Hub by Ashish Sharma


Hello Friends, My name is “Ashish Sharma” and I’m the owner of adishhub.com (Adish Hub). This domain was registered in 2019 but work on this site was started in January 2021.


Firstly, the purpose for Adish Hub was for Shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and so on. But we have a shortage of money to start up our business. So we convert it into a blog to earn money and then I started this blog in January 2021.



Adish Hub website is mainly related to News site but also some subdomains we used here which is based on another categories and niches (Links with site name given below). In adishhub, I will provide you “News” and “Information” about every type of incident, World News, technology, Medical technology, Science, Sports, Health and Fitness, Healthy Lifestyle, Yoga, Sefl Development, and much more. And in another case, I also provide some other information like social media links, some health and fitness-related tips, Shayari, and proverbs. Here you will also find Earnings sites from home. Every type of Medical News and Information will post here.

I am using here different privacy policies for different sites and sub-sites. For a particular subsite like (shayari.adishhub.com) – click on provide link given in the Privacy Policy of Adishhub. But some subsites are not working under adishhub. Then what are the privacy policies in adishhub.com? So for this, you can check the Privacy Policy of Adish Hub. Here I provide you with every policy, rule, regulation, terms & condition which have under adishhub.com.

Sub-sites and categories are here not mean that it is working under adishhub.com. If you have any queries regarding Site, Advertisement, and any other issue, please feel free to contact at adishhub@gmail.com

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